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Teen/Tween Classes

Summer Four-Week Social Dance Class
Ballroom Basics and Beyond

Wednesdays, 4:00-5:00 at the Evergreen May 9-30.
Contact me for registration info. Pre-reg required.

Ashland Social Dance Class:
Resumes in the Fall. Contact me for more info.

Fall Exhibition Program at the Evergreen:
Wednesdays, August 19-October 31
These classes are organized by homeschool families. You must be pre-registered to participate. Classes usually fill up. Contact me if you're interested.
2:00 Pre-Teen Ballroom -- open to ages 9-12 and mature 8 year olds. No experience needed.
3:00 Teen Ballroom -- open to ages 13-18. No experience needed.
4:00 Intermediate Teen Ballroom -- open to ages 13-20.

Other Teen/Tween Dance opportunities:
Teens are welcome to join in other adults classes. Ask about discounts.
Friday night parties are a popular option.
Also, ask about the Southern Oregon Youth Ballroom Competition which happens every fall.

More questions? I'm always happy to talk to you. Give me a call 541-482-0134 (Home) or email me.